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Delaney Ruston Physician and Documentary Filmmaker

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"Delaney brings great wisdom,energy, and passion when she presents her wonderfully effective film. She connects with her audience by courageously and generously sharing her personal experiences as a mother as well as her clinical knowledge and perspective as a filmmaker. She interacts with the audience and keeps them engaged while raising topics like how to rethink and change policies, which brings about a gratifying sense of solving a problem together as a community."

Clifford Sussman, "Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist Internet and Gaming Addiction Specialist "

Dr. Ruston - On behalf of the Administration here at West Essex Regional School District, I would like to thank you for bringing your film, "Screenagers," to our community. We have had such positive feedback from the parents and students as well. We were very pleased to have such a great turnout for the event! Thank you for taking the time to Skype with us. Your insight during the session was so informative and helpful in explaining this new technology era, especially to all of us (adults). Your passion and dedication to not only this issue, but other causes that you stated you have researched over the years is so commendable. I can tell you are very passionate in all you do, and we feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of this "Screenagers" phenomenon. The film was very insightful and sparked a lot of interest and conversation among our community. I was so very impressed by the wealth of knowledge Dr. Ruston had on this subject. I can see she is very passionate in her work and we feel very fortunate to have had her Skype in with us! Wonderful event.

Dana Leblein, West Essex Middle School

Dr. Ruston spoke to three different groups (teachers, students and parents) during her University School visit. The teacher and student presentations were to smaller groups. The evening parent presentation drew a large crowd. I was impressed on how quickly Dr. Ruston was able to familiarize herself with the culture of our school. During a short school tour, she was able to connect with faculty members. She asked good questions and remembered names. Her excellent parent presentation hit all the important technology concerns. She shared common sense rules and guidelines. She was very skilled at facilitating questions and the feedback from those in attendance was very positive. Parents are eager for help navigating the constantly changing parent job description. Managing device screen time is an ongoing parent conundrum. I was a little worried that Dr. Ruston was going to be anti-technology. Instead, she presented a very common sense, balanced approach to screen time challenges and gave us all practical tips and resources for productive family discussions.

Gregg Bach, University School of Milwaukee

Dr. Ruston has proven herself to be a formidable documentarian with a penchant for identifying critical issues and addressing them in film through a potent combination of sensitivity, care, and expertise. Her presentation to our parents was well-received and has sparked an important dialogue in our community that continues to impact both the spiritual and intellectual life of our campus.

Jason Glick, St. Andrews School

We were thrilled to have Delaney Ruston come and speak at our school. Her years of research, as well as her profession as an MD, brought integrity to this thought-provoking film. Her warm, enthusiastic and honest personality were embraced by all who attended as she led a lively Q and A after our school's screening of "Screenagers". What I loved most was her willingness to be vulnerable and honest about her life's experiences and her relationship with her children. This type of speaker gives the audience permission to then allow themselves to take a chance and be vulnerable as well. Parents and kids really enjoyed the evening and have asked us to keep the conversation going. This is our ultimate goal, to have connection and support among parents and help them not feel alienated in their parenting. Thank you, Delaney, for your unwavering commitment to helping parents feel empowered in their parenting with screens.

Jill Perin, Parent on Parent Education Committee, Dwight Englewood

Screenagers was featured at the 2017 Florida Behavioral Health Care conference and received rave reviews from an audience of hundreds of seasoned mental health and addiction professionals. The film provided a compelling look at the impact of social media and computer gaming on today's youth. Screenagers is a timely message for all behavioral health professionals and parents. Dr. Ruston's keynote presentation was extremely enlightening, as she shared results of her research on the social media and “screen” habits of American teens. This is a critical behavioral and developmental issue for our youth. Dr. Ruston's work provides a much needed roadmap for parents, teachers and professionals to navigate this new social phenomenon.

Melanie Brown Woofter, Florida Council for Community Mental Health

"Dr. Ruston shared excellent advice with our parents and students. We appreciated her positive, solution-oriented talk which helped our community identify and address issues of balance in our students' lives."

Michael McGlade, ISA Director of Educational Technology, International School of Amsterdam

Delaney's talk and Q & A made all the difference for our parent education event. Insightful, entertaining and uncanningly honest, Delaney ranks high on our list of top-notch speakers that have spoken with our community . She is warm and engaging and creates an environment for honest and open dialogue. Families within our community, like so many others, are grappling with issues related to their kids' screen time. Delaney interacted with parents and kids alike with immense respect while being lighthearted and inspirational.

Stephanie Landau, Co-Chair, Parent Education Committee, Dwight-Englewood School Parents' Association

"Delaney Ruston and her daughter presented the movie Screenagers to our students - it was very thought-provoking, and the mother-daughter pair have great energy and panache. We loved it!"

Sylvie Decaux, Associate Professor, IUT, France

"Delaney Ruston's opening keynote electrified and focused our annual conference of educators."

Thomas Rochon, President, Educational Records Bureau