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David Polinchock Accomplished Innovator in Media, Technology and Experience

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  • Third Places: Putting People and Experience First
  • Glimpse into the Future
  • Generations and Experiences
  • Experience Walkabout
  • Hype or real? A look into emerging tech
  • Storytelling
  • Conversations with Digital Natives: Teens Talk

From Disney Character to VR Pioneer to Emerging Technologist: David Captivates Audiences

David's journey isn't your typical marketing path. He honed his storytelling with his degree in theater and as a performer in the WDW Tencennial Parade, a skill that electrifies his speaking engagements. With over 30 years of experience, he's challenged industry giants like Razorfish, Microsoft, and Pepsi to craft more compelling brand narratives.

VR Visionary: David's vision isn't limited to the stage. Since 1991, he's been a pioneer in VR for marketing, even producing some of the earliest VR promotions ever. His work has earned prestigious awards like a Cannes Lion, and his "AudienceGames" for Volvo was hailed as "one of the best marketing ideas in the world." By putting tens of thousands through VR experiences, he's developed an unmatched understanding of what truly engages audiences.

Bridging the Gap: His experience as Director at both the AT&T AdWorks Lab and the PwC Experience Center allows him to seamlessly blend corporate savvy with theatrical flair. David doesn't just talk about creating experiences, he makes it real, creating unforgettable presentations that empower marketers to leverage technology for authentic brand experiences.

Creating New 3rd Places

David's most recent topic - How do you create better value from your physical experiences in a digital world?As we become more digital, our physical environments becomes even more important, for both employees and customers. Given how crowded the retail world is today,and given the number of brands reaching out to consumers, the ability to touch and engage consumers in a place where you control the entire message has incredible value.

Technology to Create Better Stories

With over 30 years of professional speaking engagements, David has challenged marketers to create better stories and to understand how consumers want to hear and be engaged by those stories. He has given presentations for a wide range of companies, including Razorfish, Microsoft,, MTV Networks, the Newspaper Association of America, Nokia, GSK, Pepsi, Nike and Ogilvy, among many others.

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