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Dan Reidenberg Suicide Prevention & Teen Mental Health

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  • Dr. Dan Reidenberg discusses ways to prevent suicide

    CCTV America interviewed Dr. Dan Reidenberg for more insight into what can be done to prevent suicide. Dr. Reidenberg is a mental health and suicide prevention expert, and leads multiple programs to help people before they take their own lives.

  • EveryDayMatters Suicide Prevention - Dan Reidenberg - Executive Director-SAVE

    Suicide occurs every 13.7 seconds and the impact reaches beyond the person who dies by suicide to the larger circle of families, friends, co-workers and others in the community. To help fight the battle, Netsmart has partnered with suicide expert Dr. Dan Reidenberg, to develop a quick overview on the impact of suicide in America and in the world. Dr. Dan Reidenberg also provides insight on what it is like for individuals that are dealing with suicidal thoughts and how you can take action to help those caught in this epidemic.