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Alison Canavan Acclaimed International Speaker, Wellness Coach, and Mindfulness advocate

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  • Keynote: Leading from Within – Mastering Your Energy
  • The Game of Life and How to Play It
  • HEART – The Art of Inspirational Living

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  • 2016 Minding Mum - Its Time To Take Care of You!

Alison Canavan is an acclaimed international speaker, wellness coach, and mindfulness advocate, inspiring audiences worldwide with her powerful message of energy management, personal growth, and well-being. As a former international model, she has graced the world’s most prominent runways and magazines, but it is her journey beyond the spotlight that truly captivates audiences.

Overcoming mental health struggles and addictions, Alison found healing and transformed herself into a source of inspiration. Today, she has made it her mission to guide others in regaining control of their lives and uncovering the profound rewards of mindfulness and self-care.

Alison has been a meditation practitioner for 25 years and has spent over a decade teaching innovative ways of understanding personal development and energy management. Alison pioneered the “Full 360” events in Ireland, designing a day long immersion in meditation, mindset, gratitude, nutrition, sound healing and so much more. This type of event was the first of its kind in Ireland and an incredibly brave step to take into an area that was relatively unknown at that time. Alison work was rewarded with the Woman’s Way Mum of the Year award, a prestigious award for exemplary leadership and innovation in the wellbeing space.

Named one of the Top 8 Transformational Coaches in the US by USA Today in 2021, Alison is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior. She is a Master NLP Practitioner, HeartMath facilitator, Nutritional coach, Raw Foods Master, Meditation and Breathwork teacher and the award-winning author of Minding Mum: It’s Time to Take Care of You – the world’s first 360 self-care book for mums focusing on health and wellbeing post birth. Alison was also one of the first people to teach meditation online using social media.

Through her keynotes, workshops, and consulting, she blends teachings and practices like relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork with life changing mindset tools that encourage personal and professional growth and true organizational transformation. Her techniques and evidence-based practices guide participants on how to best spend, save and invest their energy, leading to deeper connections and an increase in opportunities for purpose driven work.

Alison’s approach to personal growth and corporate success is grounded in authenticity, compassion, and practicality. Her engaging presentations resonate deeply with audiences, leaving them inspired to embrace change and live with purpose. In addition to her speaking engagements, Alison’s work extends to advocacy for mental health awareness, promoting well-being, and supporting positive change within communities. Her dedication to empowering lives has earned her recognition as a change agent and an influential force in the field of wellness.

Alison believes that energy is the currency of the future. She teaches that the most important currency to drive growth isn’t a financial measure. It’s the capitalization of your personal energy and that of the people you surround yourself with. Both on stage and off, Alison’s mission remains clear – to create a ripple effect of positive transformation, helping individuals and companies thrive with a mindful and purpose-driven approach to life.

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