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Afdhel Aziz Founder, Conspiracy of Love, B Corp advising Fortune 500 companies on sustainable and inclusive growth, employee engagement, impact innovation. Best-selling author. Inspiring international AAPI speaker.

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  • Finding Opportunity in Crisis: How Companies Can Unlock "Growth Through Impact"
  • Elevating Employee Engagement: Using Purpose to Inspire Hearts and Minds to Unleash the Intrapreneurs and Drive Better Business Outcomes
  • Unleashing the Power of Impact Innovation: How Companies Can Grow Through Solving the Biggest Problems on the Planet
  • The Power of Inclusive Growth: How Companies Can Grow Through Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Good is the New Cool: How Brands Reach Millennial and Gen Z Conscious Consumers by Being Forces for Good
  • Unleashing Your Moral Imagination: How Creativity Can Be  a Force for Good

Conspiracy of Love, founded by Afdhel Aziz, is one of the world’s leading purpose consultancies, offering its expertise to iconic companies such as Adidas, Coca Cola and Sephora. Aziz, a former Fortune 500 business executive, embarked on a remarkable journey after surviving the devastating tsunami in his home country of Sri Lanka. This life-altering experience prompted him to seek a deeper purpose beyond the confines of corporate life.

In 2017, Aziz made a pivotal decision to leave the corporate world and establish Conspiracy of Love as a B Corp certified global consultancy and AAPI-owned Minority Business. The company specializes in advising major corporations on finding new pathways to sustainable and inclusive growth by inspiring purpose within their employees and organizations. This unique approach has resulted in engaged and empowered employees, breakthrough innovations and growth, and substantial investments in causes such as racial justice, arts education, and childhood hunger.

Aziz's impact extends far beyond the boardrooms of influential companies. As an international keynote speaker, he has graced stages in more than thirty countries, sharing his insights at leading corporations like Disney, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and The Gap. His presence has also been felt at prestigious events such as the United Nations, Cannes Lions, and the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

"The Principles of Purpose," Aziz's best-selling book co-authored with Bobby Jones, has earned acclaim from industry leaders, with former Unilever CEO Paul Polman acknowledging its role in showcasing purpose as the growth story of the 21st century.

Aziz's prowess as an award-winning poet, writer, and documentary filmmaker underscores his fascination with the art and craft of storytelling. This passion is not only evident in his professional work but also in his commitment to conveying messages of purpose and change.

On a personal note, Aziz is a proud adoptive father, residing in Los Angeles with his wife, son, and an adorable beagle named Archie. His commitment to purpose-driven living is not only a professional ethos but also a guiding principle in his family life.

Afdhel Aziz's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of purpose. Through Conspiracy of Love, he has demonstrated that a commitment to purpose can not only redefine corporate success but also inspire positive change on a global scale.

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