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Zack Kass AI Keynote Speaker, Futurist Keynote Speaker, Former Head of Go To Market for OpenAI, Top Booked AI Keynote Speaker

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Your performance was 1st class. Great insights, and you pitched at the right level for our audience. Everyone said it was the best session of the day! It was brilliant.

Jeff McMillan Chief Analytics and Data Officer | Morgan Stanley

Zack helped us plan our entire AI strategy. He just gets it.

John Murphy, President, Coca-Cola

Zack is easily the most business savvy AI expert that I know.

Josh Tobin, CEO, Gantry

Few people understand how to apply Al to real world problems as well as Zack. He's been in the industry for so long, and has a remarkable knack for helping people learn what he knows.

Lukas Biewald CEO & Co-Founder | Weights & Biases