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Sherika Ekpo Fractional CHRO | Executive Coach | DEIB Executive | Board Director | Speaker | Investor | Author | CHIEF

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I am absolutely thrilled to give Sherika Ekpo a glowing five-star review for her exceptional delivery of the inclusive leadership training to our distribution and transportation team. Sherika's expertise and passion for fostering inclusivity shone brightly throughout the entire training program. Her approach was not only engaging but also deeply impactful, leaving a lasting impression on all team members fortunate enough to participate. On her first night in town, she had dinner with our team and really got a good sense of the dynamics and their personalities which added an extra layer of professionalism and specificity to her presentation. Sherika's training sessions were an eye-opening experience, seamlessly blending insightful knowledge with practical strategies. Her ability to create a safe and open environment encouraged honest discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion within our team. Sherika's relatable anecdotes and real-world examples resonated with everyone, making the content easily relatable and actionable. Her dynamic presentation style held everyone's attention, and her genuine dedication to ensuring every individual felt heard and valued was evident. Thanks to Sherika, our team is now better equipped to embrace inclusivity in our day-to-day operations, fostering a more collaborative and understanding work environment!

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