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Shahir Masri Environmental Scientist, Author, and Speaker

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Dr. Masri brings outstanding training and expertise, and excellent communication skills, to a wide range of environmental issues, including climate change.

Dr. Arthur Winer, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Masri is an intelligent, educated and informed expert on the critical need to take action to avert massive devastation to the global environment. His committed work on behalf of sustainability is inspiring and gives hope that we, humans, can still make a difference to the globe with accurate information and appropriate action needed to restore balance. We applaud his efforts on behalf of climate action."

Dr. Susan Chamberlain, President of OC Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

Dr. Masri is making a ground level impact that is rising to the highest levels of social change."

Frank Lane, Executive Director, UnitedVegan.org

Dr. Masri was an excellent speaker who was very knowledgeable on the topic of climate change. He brought a great perspective as a scientist and had an approachable style that engaged our audience. He has an inspirational story to tell about traveling the United States to educate people on the climate crisis. He also did a great job answering questions in a succinct, easy to understand style.

Jennifer Bauer, Chair, Sierra Club Santa Lucia Chapter

We had the opportunity to have Dr. Masri speak at The Thacher School on the misconceptions of climate change. Dr. Masri's presentation was direct, clear, and engaging. Our students were excited, hopeful, and ready to take action after listening to him. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Masri to anyone considering hosting an expert who can break down the climate science in a way that is easy to follow, yet compelling enough to make you take action.

Juan Sanchez, Direct of Education for Sustainability, The Thacher School

There are many scientists who get climate change and understand the dire consequences we face if we, as a global community, do not act, but most scientists do not carry the message to the public. Shahir, is doing the right thing. He is using his knowledge, energy and creativity to go beyond the ivy-covered university walls and work for needed change."

Mark Tabbert, Governing Board of Citizens' Climate Education

I am so pleased to have arranged for Dr. Masri to speak to the Newport Beach Women's Dem Club. His presentation on the very weighty subject of climate change was distilled down to a level we can all understand. His non-partisan explanation of the problem and the solutions makes the audience walk away feeling empowered. Everyone who cares about our planet would benefit from hearing Dr. Masri speak on climate change and our role in reversing the crisis. Your audience will love you for providing such a down to earth, polished speaker.

Pam Kamps Program Chair, Women's Democratic Club of Newport Beach