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Polly LaBarre Co-author, Mavericks at Work; Co-founder, Management Lab; Founding Writer, Fast Company

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  • Design an Architecture of Contribution

    The best ideas are not from senior management, but designing an organization where everyone feels relevant.

  • WL Gore Upends Traditional Organization Structure

    WL Gore has no job descriptions. All that autonomy is balanced out to the overall accountability. One is committed to the mission. Individuals are "elected" to positions within the organization by mixing people up within.

  • Handelsbanken - Principles, Autonomy & Transparency Unleash Performance

    Handelsbanken is a full service bank delivering a total return of 200% and never taking a bailout. The management model has obsessive focus on customers with only three layers of management and full autonomy.

  • Lego Opens Up To Innovate

    Polly discusses Lego's mission to invite the outside to come "in." No matter who you are the world is churning with smart and passionate people. Find those people and tap into their desires and passions with a genuine stake.