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Pandit Dasa Former Monk, Mindful Leadership Expert, and Author

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  • Finding Mindfulness At Work And Beyond

    Forbes magazine 3/2/22

  • Mindfulness and Resilience for Managing Change and uncertainty

    The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our lives almost overnight. Our routines have been disrupted and the way we interact with each other, when face-to-face, is with tremendous care and caution. We are faced with the challenge of working from home while juggling all the distractions that come from life at home. Balancing the needs of family members, sometimes young kids, while meeting the demands of work is something very new for many and these adjustments are increasing our stress and anxiety levels.

  • Techniques for Reducing Stress and Anxiety During the Workday

    Let's begin by making sure our eyes are closed and then take a slow, deep breath, filling our lungs completely, visualizing their expansion and feeling the chest broaden. Once the lungs are filled, slowly exhale, completely emptying out the lungs. Take another five to ten breaths in the same way and try your best to stay focused on the breath going in and out of your lungs. This is not only helping us stay in the present moment, but it's allowing the lungs to take in slightly more breath each time.

  • Creating a Positive and Mindful Workplace Culture

    What does it mean to have a mindful culture in the workplace? It can mean many things but the central component is that employees feel like they're respected, cared for and that their opinion is valued. A paycheck is good but it's not always enough. Here are some key aspects to cultivate and develop a positive workplace environment where employees feel secure and want to go above and beyond the call of duty.