Nikolas Badminton Chief Futurist

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  • 2030: The Future of Transportation and Logistics
  • Agriculture 3.0
  • Brave New World
  • The Exponential Technology Revolution
  • The Growth of Smart Cities
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The Impact of Big Data, Social Media, and Privacy on Society

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  • 2021 When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Futurist

Nikolas is the Chief Futurist and Think Tank leader at, a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (The RSA), and the futurist that works with the most impactful companies to create bigger visions, strengthen strategic planning, and anticipate unforeseen risks.

Nikolas has over 25 years of expertise working with organizations in government, urban planning and city administration, banking and finance, telecommunications, high tech, engineering, agriculture and food supply,
automotive, aerospace, retail, marketing and advertising, HR and recruitment, privacy and cybersecurity, and other industries.

His clients include NASA, Google, Microsoft, United Nations, United Way, Bank of Canada, Government of Canada, UK Home Office, Government of Cayman Islands, Bayer, American Express, HSBC, AT&T, Thales
International, Rolls Royce, Heineken, Procter & Gamble, ISACA, IDEO, and
many more.

Nikolas’ research and thinking has been featured by the BBC, VICE, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Techcrunch, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, Sputnik, Venturebeat, CTV, Global News, and SIRIUS XM.

He was invited to pen the opening chapter for the new book ‘The Future Starts Now’, released in 2021 to great acclaim. Nikolas is due to release ‘Facing Our Futures’ in 2022 with Bloomsbury. The book aims to equip world leaders and executives with the tools to design brave new futures while gaining a holistic view of all possibilities.

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