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Matt Granados Top Rated Speaker | Trainer | Author | Entrepreneur

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  • Enhance Performance & Eliminate Excuses : The Solution to Combine Structure and Intention to Ensure Your Desired Results
  • Build Your Intentional Week: Increase Capacity While Minimizing Burnout
  • LP Complete - Bridging the Gap (6 Month Company Engagement)

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  • 2021 The Intentional Week: See your week differently. Live your life intentionally.
  • 2020 Motivate the Unmotivated: A Proven System for Sustainable Motivation

Matt Granados has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. Through his entrepreneurial journey, he built his first million-dollar business by the age of 24. To develop his businesses, Matt focused on developing his people. While creating a $40 Million dollar sales organization from individuals hired primarily from Craigslist, Matt created a way to combine structure and intention which allow his "under-qualified" team to be the most effective, productive, and self-motivated versions of themselves.

Since then, Matt has worked with companies ranging from Twitter, Google, and the United States Air Force all the way to individual corporate outings and events for thousands of individual. Matt shares what he has learned from the clients he has worked with, The experienced he has had as a father of a child with a severe disability, found of a pediatric research foundation, owner of multiple business, and an active member of his local community. He does this in a way that has been described as the perfect balance of education and entertainment. Each individual leaves the keynotes with a clear and customized plan for how to implement what was taught during the event!

Matt has authored two #1 International Bestsellers (Motivate the Unmotivated & The Intentional Week) which has launched Matt to be a sought-after expert on the ways of building sustainable motivation in teams and individuals as well as teaching groups on how to experience intentional growth in all areas of business and life.

Although Matt loves growing others, he is most proud of his family and the life he gets to live with them as the center of focus. Matt loves most to be able to show others that they can do all they want, hit the highest goals they want, and live a fulfilled life with a happy family. People do not have to sacrifice everything for success if they just follow what Matt teaches in the begging. The best result of Matt's event is the audience is able to avoid a thing they will regret while still achieving the highest level possible.

Matt is going to be sharing with us a combination of Life Pulse’s most impactful systems and techniques that has shown to increase performance even in times of uncertainty. With the new year coming closer and closer the timing could not be more perfect. There is a lot we need to make up for in this year that we have lost in the past. This combination of intention and structure will be what will help you, your family, and your business is on the right track as the new year starts.

When you increase performance while minimizing stress you are able to achieve bigger goals in less time. You will be able to achieve more with what seems like less effort. It is all connected and leads from one to the other.

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