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Matt Britton America's Millennial & Gen Z Expert; Sold First Ads To Ever Appear On Facebook

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  • How social is driving the end of TV as we know it – and why the Kardashians could be bigger than the Beatles

    In 1964, the Beatles' appearance on Ed Sullivan was a watershed moment in America. “At that time, if you wanted to be relevant, you went on Ed Sullivan,” said Matt Britton, CEO of online community Crowdtap, at Social Media Week in New York on Wednesday (March 1). “It signified a Golden Era of TV. There were four channels you could watch and few other things for families to do. That approach to media lasted 35 years. If you had a viable product and a checkbook, you could write a check and get on TV.”

  • Suzy CEO: Branding Is Dead And ‘Gramming Killed It

    Matt Britton (Chief Executive Officer, Suzy) on why the growing domination of Facebook, Google, and Amazon is redefining the role and importance of brands in American culture.

  • How the millennials legacy is transforming everything from modern marketing to the economy

    Millennials expert Matt Britton catches up with CMO to reveal the lasting legacy of the first generation to be digitally native, and how it changes both brand strategy as well as the way marketing teams operate

  • NBA star Kevin Durant backs marketing tech startup Suzy

    NBA star Kevin Durant is the latest backer of Suzy, a marketing tech platform based in New York. The Golden State Warriors forward made the investment as part of a $5 million funding round. "Suzy looks for partners and investors that look at the world in the same way as our team and that can offer a differentiated perspective on the business landscape," Suzy CEO Matt Britton told The New York Business Journal. "Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman from The Durant Company fit that mold perfectly and we are thrilled to have them as a partner."

  • Matt Britton at Social Media Week: 'The TV will become a giant iPad hanging on your wall'

    f Matt Britton's vision of the future comes to fruition, marketers will be reaching consumers on TV screens used like iPads—consumers will swipe between individual apps to find TV shows they like, instead of relying on traditional networks to bring them content.