Marc Sluijs Founder, DigitalHealth.Network

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  • Digital Health, opportunities for large investors

    As digital health investment continues to grow (2018 YTD $16Bn), many companies are operating at a too small scale, and the fragmentation of the landscape remains too high. Larger investments and M&A will keys to creating financially solid companies, more complete solutions and bigger impact. Also, as digital health companies are maturing, more aggressive – non-organic growth strategies are being deployed. At the same time, digital health companies offer an excellent opportunity to extend capabilities of more mature health technology and services platforms.

  • Tech Tour Healthtech Summit 2016 Interview with Marc Sluijs, Founder of DIGITALHEALTH.NETWORK

    Tech Tour is a platform and community for Innovative Investors, High Tech Entrepreneurs (from early to late stage), Corporates and Government Influencers. Tech Tour is committed to the development of emerging technology companies in Europe. Our contribution to the high tech industry is through the development of Regional Tech Tours and Industry Summits that bring together the entire technology ecosystem of local and global players.