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Liz Wiseman CEO & Author

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  • Liz Wiseman's 5 Secrets To Make Your Team Smarter

    Liz Wiseman worked at Oracle for 17 years, is one of the Top 10 Leadership Thinkers in the World, and the best-selling author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. I recently interview Liz on the LEADx podcast to discuss the ways leaders can elevate those around them. (The interview below has been lightly edited for space and clarity.)

  • Are you an Accidental Diminisher?

    Are you an Accidental Diminisher? Take the Quiz. Most Diminishing is Accidental While the narcissistic leaders grab the headlines, the vast majority of diminishing happening inside our workplaces is done by the Accidental Diminisher—managers with the best of intentions, good people who think they are doing a good job leading. Accidental or not, the impact on their team is the same – Diminishers only get ½ of the true brainpower of their people.


    1. Identify Your Current Challenge Level In a fast-paced, constantly changing environment it is easy to find oneself red lining trying to keep pace with it all. Or we can get burnt out from repeatedly applying the same, known solutions to changing scenarios with less than stellar effects. This simple quiz can help you identify the challenge level of your current situation and give you the power to fully engage as a learner to perform at your best.