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Jenna Quinn Author; TED Speaker; Conference Trainer; The Namesake of Jenna's Law Legislation

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  • 2017 Pure In Heart: A Memoir of Overcoming Abuse and Passing Jenna's Law

Jenna Quinn was first asked to speak in public and share her testimony as a young teenager. Since then, she has pioneered the national child sexual abuse prevention movement since 2004. She is also an author, TED speaker, conference trainer, and the namesake of Jenna’s Law legislationon the state and federal level.

Passed unanimously in Texas in 2009, Jenna’s Law was the first child sexual abuse prevention education mandate in the U.S named after a survivor requiring K-12 sexual abuse preventionfor students, school staff, and caregivers. It requires each school district to adopt and implement a prevention policy that educates students, teachers, and caregivers on how to prevent, recognize, and report child sexual abuse. Now, over half the country has adopted legislation reflecting the principals of Jenna’s Law, including federal legislation filed called, “The Jenna Quinn Law.

With an educational background in Psychology, Counseling, Applied Behavioral Therapy Services, and a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies, Jenna has reached international audiences, educating and sharing her inspiring story with legislatures, law-enforcement, abuse-prevention groups, schools, communities of faith, nonprofit organizations, and the general public delivering over 500 keynote speeches.

As a survivor who benefited from the services of a Children’s Advocacy Center, Jenna has worked with over 100 Child Advocacy Centers across the country. She's also reached over 3 million children and youth, and helped raise over $20 million dollars for various organizations fighting child sexual abuse.

Moreover, she has worked with over 26 states to help implement prevention education policies and has helped develop numerous child safety curriculums.

Jenna is also the founder of Reveal To Heal International nonprofit. She serves on several boards and committees and is currently serving on one of Texas Governor Abbott's Task Forces. She has participated in both local and international radio, television, and news programs, including Glamour Magazine, CBN, CNN, and our United States Senate. She is a wife and a mother and lives with her family in the Dallas, Texas area. Jenna Quinn has dedicated the past 20 years of her life to education, advocacy, collaboration, and legislative action in pursuit of a safer, more just society to protect the most vulnerable.

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