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Jason Hewlett Speaker, Entertainer, Author, Impressionist, and Corporate Events Headliner

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“Jason’s message about the ‘audience’ affected me to the core. It improved the way I see myself at work and those I come in contact with. As an older employee, it hit home that the younger generation employees need me to mentor and teach, and they expect that. I might not know how to use all this new fancy technology, but I can lead, pass on my experiences and explain the impact and consequences of our decisions. It also helped me understand that I can and do add value to the organization.”

John Grubb, Attendee, ASMC

“Jason’s message exceeded my expectations and I left inspired to do better.”

Kevin Garduno, Attendee. ASMC

“The way he presented his story along with performing his many talents made the topic of his speech so easy to listen to and reflect on how “The Promise” applies to your life. He really helped to understand and make me take a good look at myself to see if that’s how I was/am with my own kids, spouse, co-workers or anyone else in my life.”

Pam Sughira, Attendee, ASMC

"All around a great performer! We had a ton of positive comments after the event, and nearly all were about Jason and his performance. Jason was so easy to work with the day of and just a pleasure to have around."

United Way of Salt Lake

"What a professional! He was quick on his feet, made everyone feel welcome, motivated, inspired, and we all had a great laugh! He really made our event amazing, and he is a gem to work with."