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Garry Golden Academically-Trained Futurist, Emerging Trends Analyst, and Block-Chain Technology Guru

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Select Testimonials

“The exercises Garry lead pushed us out of our comfort zone to think about new ideas. He got us to look past the day to day and plan for long-term trends. Garry has shifted our way of thinking.”

American Express

“4.6 out of 5 for new knowledge acquired during our session. Garry’s method of teaching trend prediction was incredible. We wish we had more time to discuss the future of data-driven innovation aided by Garry’s expertise.”

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

“Garry ground real examples of crazy s*** happening in our business and put us all in a different frame of mind.”

Direct Energy

“Garry provided a compelling sequence of trends, from suspending our worn out beliefs of the future to embracing unconventional value-creation-and-capture, to scenario analysis. Awesome.”


“The time we spent discussing emerging market trends and how they could impact our businesses was very impactful. I also thought the time we spent with Garry was very thought provoking and caused me to think about how I should spend more time thinking about the future vs just the next 18-24 months.”

The Hartford

“What an eye opener! I truly enjoyed Garry’s presentation as it gives true pause for future innovations and how our business can be part of that growth.”