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Garry Golden Academically-Trained Futurist, Emerging Trends Analyst, and Block-Chain Technology Guru

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  • FINDING THE FUTURE: How to Anticipate Change and Lead Innovation

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  • 2008 Designing Your Future: Key Trends, Challenges, and Choices Facing Association and Nonprofit Leaders

Garry Golden is an expert on how social change and technology disruptions shape industry transitions. His foresight has informed organizations like Accenture Operations, Boston Scientific, and Microsoft.

Garry is a professionally trained futurist who writes, speaks, and consults about the driving forces that will shape society and business in the 21st century. His uncanny sense of what will hit—and what won’t—can be seen in FutureThink’s research and heard in his international keynotes and corporate change leadership seminars. His talks on how to align business outcomes and talent development to coming market transitions have been shared with and implemented by such organizations as Disney, Goodyear Tire, Hartford Insurance, and Reliant Energy.

Garry serves as Adjunct Lecturer on the Future of Energy and Environment for the University of Houston. He has consulted on projects as diverse as the future of financial services; utilities; transportation and supply chains; and healthcare. An expert communicator, Garry has brought his avant-garde thinking and provocative approach to change to audiences at TEDx, Wharton, the Cheung Kong School of Business in Beijing, and beyond.

Garry attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received his Futures Studies degree from the University of Houston. He is a past board member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) as well as an aspiring collector of street art (which will likely be huge in the year 2040.) If left to his own devices at a museum gift shop, odds are a micro-machine or geological piece will be finding itself a future home.

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