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Duncan Wardle Former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney

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  • Duncan Wardle¬∑TEDxBocaRaton Creating Relationship Magic!

    Marketing will be replaced by Experiences in less than a decade! Why? Because experiences significantly enhance our level of engagement and create much deeper relationships. Disney is the master of creating experiences where consumers can come touch, feel and play with the brand in an extraordinary way that creates magical relationships. In this talk I will share how Disney creates experiences and how the underlying principles can help all of us engage our consumers in new and different ways, leading to relationships that last a lifetime.

  • The Theory of Creativity | Duncan Wardle | TEDxAUK

    Duncan Wardle believes everyone is creative but that it's getting harder to convince people of that. On the TEDxAUK stage, he talks about the importance of creativity and why it will be the one core human element to compete in a world that is becoming automated faster than we can think.

  • An Introduction to Duncan Wardle

    Former Vice President of Disney Creative discusses his approach to innovating and creating.