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Derek Daly Formula 1 and Indy Driver, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, International Racing Champion

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  • Meet Derek Daly - (5:00)

    Engaging, unique and a powerful influencer. His background if full of stunning life experiences. He uses a sports platform like never before. Unforgettable analogies. You cannot remain emotionally neutral.

  • Derek Daly - Thank You for Consideration

    Derek Daly is a professional keynote speaker. He has a compelling sports platform unlike any other. You cannot remain emotionally neutral during his presentations.

  • Derek Daly - Culture of Extraordinary

    This is an excerpt from a live keynote speech about the Culture of Extraordinary

  • Derek Daly - Near Death & Legacy

    This video is an excerpt from a live conference keynote about a near death experience and how it can be used to leave a legacy.