Dennis Ford is Founder and President of Quantum Leap Productions, an innovative and wildly creative corporate messaging company. He realized there was a common denominator that every leader in every company talked about but, literally, not one addressed effectively...their company culture. 


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Dennis Ford Author #1 Bestseller "Monetize Your Culture"

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  • Keynote Demo - Create a Joyful, Wildly Productive and Very Profitable Culture

    Joyful, respectful, trusting, and appreciative company cultures outperform other companies by double digits. Increase your productivity, and profitability, by 30%...40%...50%...and more; and it won't cost you a thing. Great cultures outperform mediocre cultures by double digits. Where does your culture stand?

  • Embracing Millennial and Gen Z employees...they are awesome!

    Much has been made about the difference in Millennials and Gen Z as employees, and how they somehow have to be "managed" differently. Let's debunk that notion right now!

  • Building an Intentional Culture

    Any company has it in their wheelhouse to conceive, create, manifest, and implement their "perfect" of joy, passion, enthusiasm, and great achievement...ANY company!

  • Employees "Above and Beyond" effort vs. "I won't get fired today"

    Every employee, every day, in every company, arrives at work with a decision to be made..."how hard am I going to work today?" Happy, joyful, employees make a very different decision than unhappy employees. A HUGE difference in effort.

  • The Customer is NOT Always Right! Your Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset

    The old adage "The customer is always right" is SO wrong on SO many levels. Any customer that abuses or mistreats your employees needs to go-you are better off without them. Your employees are truly your most valuable asset and resource...treat them that way and you will see amazing performance!

  • Culture ALWAYS Starts With a Company's Leadership

    Never in the history of ever has a company culture started with down line employees and moved upwards...never! A company culture always starts with leadership as a set of behaviors, expectations, and relationships. If it is one of respect, empathy, and trust, your culture will soar...if it is disrespectful, dismissive, or abusive, productivity goes down, guaranteed.