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David Nico Author, Leadership Catalyst, Wellbeing Authority

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  • Reimagine Wellbeing
  • Navigating the Maze of Crisis
  • Food Immunity
  • The Ecosystem of Energy Management
  • Healthy Meeting Reboot
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Alive: How to Master Peak Performance
  • Generation Health
  • Thrive
  • Boost
  • Health Culture
  • Lead Whole

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  • 2023 Whole Leader Health Plan

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Dr. David Nico is a renowned well-being strategist, keynote speaker, and highly regarded author committed to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve remarkable results. With nearly three decades of diverse expertise in the health industry, Dr. Nico is recognized as one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World magazine. His expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, such as leadership, business, entrepreneurship, and growth. He is the driving force behind the mission of inspiring humanity to make healthier choices through his enterprises, including Nico Ventures and Dr. Healthnut. As a sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Nico captivates audiences with his powerful insights and practical strategies. His informative book, "Diet Diagnosis," and media appearances on national television networks have reached millions, solidifying his reputation as a trusted voice in the industry. Dr. Nico's innovative thinking has earned him recognition in top media outlets, including Forbes, US News & World Report, and Business Insider. A firm believer in continuous learning and development, Dr. Nico holds advanced doctoral training in strategic leadership, a doctorate in business administration, and multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition. He also served as a visiting fellow at Harvard University, advancing the science of whole leader health and the future of work. With unrelenting zeal and the constant pursuit of wisdom, Dr. Nico seeks to enlighten individuals, inspire audiences, and provide engaging and actionable insights.

Meeting Planner Benefits: How Will Dr. David Nico Help You?

Dr. David Nico is the Catalyst to Equip Leaders with Dynamic Strategies to Enhance Well-Being, Professional Effectiveness, and Organizational Success.

As a highly regarded author, communicator, entrepreneur, growth accelerator, and strategy coach, Dr. Nico will capture and speak to the heart of your event. He will invest quality time to make the most impact on your audience. He wants participants to learn valuable insights and walk away with transformational action steps.

He must connect with every audience on a deeper level. Dr. Nico will target your event to hit your goals.

Partner now with a passionate advocate who creates a positive and uplifting experience for your attendees.

When Dr. Nico communicates, hearts listen, mindsets shift, and lasting change occurs.

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