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David Allison Engagement expert, CEO of a global research firm, founder of the Valuegraphics Project, best-selling author

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  • Boosting Sales by Being Human
  • The Science of Values-Based Leadership
  • Passion & Purpose – Not Ping Pong & Pizza
  • The Blueprint for Belonging
  • LGBTQ+: More Than Alphabet Soup

Select Book Titles

  • 2022 The Death of Demographics
  • 2018 We Are All the Same Age Now

After decades of helping big brands like GM, Westin, Toyota, and Sotheby's engage people, David Allison recognized that the 'tools of engagement' weren't working anymore. Demographics don't predict how people will behave, and yesterday's behaviors, emotions, and beliefs do not indicate what people will respond to tomorrow. Instead, our core values determine what will engage us and what we will do next.

So, in 2015, David launched a global research effort to turn values into data, and create a revolutionary new way to engage people. And after a million surveys in 152 languages–across 180 countries–the world's first inventory of shared human values was born. Like the Human Genome Project did for DNA, the Valuegraphics Project mapped the core values of everyone on earth, with more statistical accuracy than required for a PhD.

Today David is the world’s foremost expert on values-driven engagement, with two best-selling books and an international speaking career. Innovative organizations like PayPal, Google, lululemon, and the United Nations Foundation use David’s data to engage people in new, more profound ways - by honoring what they value. Valuegraphics now appear next to demographics and psychographics in textbooks used on campuses worldwide, and have been discussed in Forbes, INC Magazine, and the Harvard Business Review. His latest book, The Death of Demographics, was hailed by critics as "convincing, insightful, and...revolutionary."

For leadership, sales, HR, public policy, marketing–any issue or opportunity–David’s values-driven methodology is the most powerful way to engage people, and influence the outcomes you want to see. His highly engaging and passionate speaking style, combined with game-changing data and insights, make his keynotes entirely unique can’t-miss events.

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