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Commander Mary Kelly Featured Renowned Economist and Leadership Expert

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  • 5 Questions Leaders Need to Ask to Increase Morale at Work

    Keeping employees motivated is crucial to maintaining an effective and productive workplace. Sometimes asking a few simple questions can yield amazingly productive results.

  • When Generation Z Hits the Workplace

    Generation Z’ers were born between 1997 and 2010. A quick math check tells you that many people in this group are mostly too young to be in the workforce, or they are just now getting out of high school or college to enter the workforce. So why all the concern about Generation Z now?

  • 7 Ways to Communicate Better with Your Boss

    Good communication with the boss is critical for a positive and productive work environment. Many employees, however, struggle to communicate effectively with their supervisors.

  • Are you a leader who encourages innovation??

    Are you encouraging innovation or the status quo? People who are perfect in their jobs never fail. They also never take risks. Is that the work environment you want to promote?

  • 5 Traits Leaders Need for Virtual Teams

    While there are many perks to the virtual office, organizations often struggle with the challenges around leading remotely. Managing team members without daily face-to-face interaction has its own unique set of challenges. However, leaders who focus on cultivating these five skills in their virtual interactions with employees tend to excel at remote leadership.