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Chris Riddel Award Winning Human Futurist

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I am CEO & Managing Director of Ericsson Australia & New Zealand. Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of the world's mobile traffic carried through our networks. We are continually seeking new and innovative ways to help educate our partners and clients. We engaged the services of Chris as a futurist keynote speaker for one of our important senior industry events. Chris has a very unique and engaging style of presenting, with extraordinary content that is highly tailored and importantly it resonated well with our audience. Chris left our attendees feeling inspired and informed about what lies around the corner, with some excellent insights into industry innovation and movements. I recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for a speaker on future trends for their event.

CEO - Ericsson

A hearty thank you from NAFA! Chris was fantastic! I knew he would be but my CEO actually said – “best keynote we have ever had!”. So thanks for making the whole process so easy. I am glad we booked him. And as a side note, his baby girl is so cute my CEO now demands all Keynotes must come with a cute baby or it's no deal! So again, thank you, and Chris, for being so easy to work with.

Director of Meetings/Events - NAFA

He was fantastic. The attendees were glued to him, no one left their seats, he was also so entertaining!

Events Director - Nokia

Chris is an engaging speaker who's energized and inspiring. Chris used great examples and made things easy to understand; he was both entertaining and insightful. I can't wait to take his insights back to my organization and inspire them to be their best.


It was a pleasure working with you at our Summit today. Many of our attendees told us how much they enjoyed your talk and loved your energy. A few came up to me to tell me they felt your talk was their favorite of the day. Safe travels back home.

Marketing Specialist - powerchord

Chris Riddell is someone who engages the audience and brings clarity to the complicated. He speaks at a level that everyone understands, and his style of presenting is exciting to say the least. Digital is something that impacts us all, and is a huge part of our global future. If you want to prepare your audience for the new world ahead, my recommendation is get them to hear what Chris has to say. They'll walk away prepared and with exciting new perspectives.


Chris was a huge hit! By far, in my opinion, out strongest speaker. Next tine I need to give him more stage time. But he was super! Thank you for everything!

Pangburn International

Chris Riddell showed a wonderful articulation for technology and its real life use, with practical examples and none of the propeller spinning complexity and jargon that is often seen. Chris has also recently been a keynote speaker at our Telstra Retail Conference, speaking about the future of digital and how it's impacting our world. Chris was able to not only entertain and inspire but delivered on the future ways of working and the challenges faced by business leaders today. I'd highly recommend Chris for any key speaker appointments for business that are needing thought provoking discussion on how their businesses will continue in the future with technology.