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Dr. Brynn Winegard Award-winning Professor, Speaker, and Expert in Business and Brain Sciences

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  • Boost Your Brain! Optimizing Your Brain for Higher Motivation, Productivity, & Peak Performance
  • Brain-Change!
  • Improving Folllowership
  • Neuroleadership
  • Persuasion and Influence
  • Subconscious Success Secrets
  • The Aging Brain

Dr. Brynn Winegard is an award-winning professor, speaker, and expert in business and brain sciences. Brynn completed her formal education in Neuroscience, Psychology, Marketing, and Strategy (HBSc, MBA, PhD), coupled with over a decade in corporate marketing working for Pfizer Inc., Nestle Inc., and Johnson & Johnson Inc.

While Professor Winegard retains positions as Faculty at Schulich School of Business, DeGroote School of Business, and University of Guelph, she has now dedicated herself to helping others through speaking about ‘Building Better Business Brains’ to groups, organizations and companies, stemming from her research, which intersects business and brain sciences.

Dr. Brynn combines real-world experience with frontier research to deliver impactful programming that will be sure to please your audiences and elevate their daily business.

Brynn has had a lifelong obsession with the human brain and it's functioning - it is the lens through which she sees and interprets the world.

In a recent magazine interview a reporter asked "Why the brain, Dr. Brynn? Why did you choose to focus on brain science in business?" to which she blurted the response: "I didn't choose this - brain science is who I am, who I've always been!"

From the tender age of two, Brynn's stated grown-up ambitions were to 'change people's brains' by becoming a neurosurgeon. In pre-med, on her way to realizing this goal, young Brynn realized she didn't want to change people's brains from the 'outside in', but rather 'from the inside out' and commenced a decade-long formal research program (culminating in a few degrees) to combine her two practical and intellectual curiosities - brain sciences (neuroscience, psychology, behavior, biology, neuroendocrinology, cognitive sciences) and commerce.

Brynn says she finds it endlessly fascinating that all of us have a supercomputer between our ears that controls everything about us - all action, reaction, motivation, perception, personality, reality, destiny: she exclaims "Because of this I can't imagine *NOT* wanting to know everything we absolutely can find or figure out about this organ!"

One of Brynn's doctoral supervisors once warned her "Be careful what you study and publish, Re-search is Me-search, after all". Undeterred then or now, Brynn still thinks this statement is about as accurate as anything she's ever heard in reference to herself.

Driven by the facts that the human brain is still the most powerful supercomputer on the planet; none of us were born with a user manual for this amazing technology; introspection and meta-cognition often lead to incorrect conclusions about the true inner workings of our human brains; and that there are many myths and misconceptions about 'the black box' of the brain that continue to circulate, today, Dr. Brynn can be found year-round on stages all over the world departing frontier insights from brain science in order that we can be better in all we do.

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