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Dr. Brad Nieder, MD, CSP The Healthy Humorist

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  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

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  • 2014 CD--A House Call in San Francisco
  • 2009 DVD--The Healthy Humorist in Orlando: Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • 2003 Humor Me: America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter

“The Healthy Humorist®”—Brad Nieder, MD, CSP*—is a doctor, funny speaker and clean comedian. Described as “Jerry Seinfeld with an ‘M.D.,’” Dr. Brad was infected with the comedy bug while watching Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” monologues from the foot of his parents’ bed. When he got older and stayed up a bit later he discovered David Letterman’s “Late Night” antics. He taped and memorized George Carlin’s HBO specials. He wrote funny articles for his Denver high school newspaper. He was a founding member of an improvisational troupe (The SImps) while an undergraduate student at Stanford University. And he performed standup comedy at comedy clubs throughout Denver while he was in medical school at the University of Colorado.

After completing his internship and getting his medical license, Dr. Brad began delivering his unique brand of healthcare humor around the country to corporate audiences, convention crowds and conference attendees. Physicians, nurses, bankers, teachers—indeed people from all industries —have benefited from his medical humor.

Dr. Brad earned the CSP* designation in 2011 and is now 15 years into his career as a professional speaker. He has not been published in the “New England Journal of Medicine.” (But he has co-authored the book “Humor Me,” and he has a great CD (“A House Call in San Francisco”) and DVD (“The Healthy Humorist in Orlando: Laughter is the Best Medicine”).) He’s not a celebrity speaker. He hasn’t been on “The Tonight Show.” He’s not an Amazon best-selling author. (Aren’t those claims usually just a scam anyway?) He’s simply one of the best funny speakers and clean comedians in the meetings industry today.

Dr. Brad lives in Colorado with his lovely wife and three wonderful kids. He tries to practice the “healthy” part of what he preaches by running and swimming in the Colorado sunshine. He also loves to ski and fly-fish in the Rocky Mountains. He loves to travel, too, though, mainly to indulge in “The Healthy Humorist’s Unhealthy Eating Adventure Across America” (THHUEAAA) in which he consumes such unhealthy fare as Italian beef in Chicago, BBQ in Austin and ice cream in Columbus. (Yes, he agrees it’s weird that central Ohio has such an abundance of great frozen treats!)

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