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Bill Eckstrom President & Founder, EcSell Institute; International Keynote Speaker; Author, "The Coaching Effect"

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  • Coaching: No Longer a Skill
  • Leadershift: Exposing Coaching Effectiveness
  • Psychology Safety
  • The Coaching Effect Academy - All Day Session
  • The Growth Rings: Becoming Comfortable With Discomfort

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  • 2019 The Coaching Effect : What Great Leaders Do to Increase Sales, Enhance Performance, and Sustain Growth

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Bill Eckstrom is an executive, author, entrepreneur, student, husband, and father. His primary passion is growth - especially how coaches and leaders impact the growth and performance of individuals and teams.

This passion inspired Bill to launch the EcSell Institute, a research-based organization that works with leaders internationally to help them better understand, measure, and elevate coaching’s impact on performance. EcSell’s science and programming on the role of the coach has been changing the behaviors, activities, and performance in diverse industries from athletic teams to businesses around the world.

Bill began his management career in 2000 at a medical equipment company and climbed the ranks to become US Director of Sales in just three years. In 2004, Bill accepted a job as Senior VP of Business Development for a publicly traded healthcare organization. By 2008, the organization’s stock price had doubled and new sales revenue had grown 280%. Later that same year, he founded EcSell Institute.

As a result of his experiences, his company’s findings, and his public speaking skills, Bill’s work as a keynote speaker is internationally renowned. Audiences have called him “profoundly authentic,” “highly entertaining,” and more. Bill is most proud of the fact that the material he presents is rooted in EcSell’s research and hard data - no motivational fluff. He has presented to hundreds of groups and is a popular guest on podcasts and shows around the world. Bill was invited to the TEDx stage in 2017, and his talk entitled “Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life” was the fastest growing TEDx Talk in the history of the event.

Growth is also what inspires Bill’s philanthropic life, especially his involvement in therapy dog work. He and his Labrador, Aspen, work together at senior living homes, children’s hospitals, and anywhere the presence of Aspen’s wagging tail and soft soul can bring a smile. Bill’s home is in Nebraska, where he lives with his amazing wife, Kerstin. Together they have three children - Will Jr., Claire, and Maddie.

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