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Bill Acheson The Body Language Expert

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Outstanding – a wonderful mix of information and energy.

Beth K., AIG

He commands your attention in the first few seconds of his talk . . . and he never lets go!

Bill F., Prudential

Bill is a dynamic, engaging speaker who brought an amazing level of energy to our conference . . . His examples were specific to our industry and, at the end, they gave him a standing ovation.

Chris D., Ro Morrison & Associates

Bill's brand of “educomedy” is unequalled. His ideas and strategies on body language and personal power are logical, practical, and applicable.

Geoff N., IVY

You have taught us how to build trust with clients and given us the skills to approach prospects with confidence and effectiveness.

Jay Y., Janney Montgomery Scott

He packs a three-hour seminar into a one-hour presentation!

Jim M., Provident

There are two things I love about your work: one, you never ‘undo' any of our training and two, you never disappoint. Great job.

Kurt B., Merrill Lynch

You were the star performer at our conference. One speaker always rises above the rest at a conference and you, sir, were that person.

Lisa P., Morgan Stanley

During your presentation I was replaying the meetings I've had with clients and thinking about all the things I missed because I was focused on what they were saying instead of what they were trying to say.

Michael B., Merrill Lynch

This information is so powerful, you'll find yourself using it before you leave the room.

Paul C., Harford Funds

Focused. Pertinent. Professional.

Richard C., DWS