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Ben Nemtin Featured #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Organizational Culture Expert, Co-Founder of MTV's The Buried Life

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Ben unlocks the power of purpose! He aligned our personal goals with our organizational purpose and lifted our team's energy. He left our team with a roadmap to thrive personally and professionally. Since Ben's session, we've been sharing our life goals regularly and supporting each other in achieving them. Without Ben's motivation, there would be less transparency in our organization about where we want to go as individuals.

Ames McArdle, Head of Industry, Global Media & Entertainment / Retail, Google

I've received dozens of texts and emails from our partners and managers who expressed that Ben's stories, messages and advice resonated at a time when they are feeling the fatigue of a difficult 2020.

Anthony Waelter, National Managing Partner, Deloitte

"Ben's keynote truly resonated with our audience, as it connects to both our personal and professional lives. Thank you Ben for getting to know us and being genuine - it was noticed, appreciated and will be remembered!"

John Myers, President, CEO Rentokil

"Ben's session was an absolute hit! Hands down my favorite session. The way he worked in so much of our messaging and benefits was truly amazing and so impactful."

Kacy Ashley, Senior Communications Manager Pinterest

Ben's session was an absolute hit! Hands down my favorite session. The way he worked in so much of our messaging and benefits was truly amazing and so impactful.

Kacy Ashley, Senior Communications Manager, Pinterest

The feedback was overwhelming! I had messages about how moving Ben's presentation was and how meaningful it was to “all” employees that the company cares about them as a “whole” person. It was completely different from anything we've done or heard thus far and it beyond exceeded expectations.

Karen Robertson, EVP, Fidelity National Financial

Ben has a gift! Our team was so inspired and talked about the impact for days. We know that the ripple effect is real when we dream of what is possible and serve others along the way to create a more beautiful life.

Katherine Twells, Senior VP, The Coca-Cola Company

Ben lit a fire in our team! The room was buzzing with energy. There was a lasting impact on our team and our leaders left ready to tackle our biggest goals yet. He made our team feel unstoppable.

Katie Potgiesser Senior Consultant, Kellogg Company

Ben's keynote & Bucket List Journal inspired, reenergized and motivated the team in an outstanding way. His personal story combined with actionable resources was the perfect combination.

Lina Brouneu, Director of Films Acquisitions, Netflix

We hired Ben as our keynote speaker for our virtual national sales conference and received rave reviews. His message was inspirational and highly engaging, but it also included practical steps our team members could take right away to make their "impossibles" possible. He did a tremendous job for us!

Matt Riebel, SVP, Protective Insurance Company

"Ben's keynote was exactly the refresher our organization needed during these trying times. Ben's focus on resiliency left the audience captivated and motivated to take on whatever comes next. We highly recommend him as a virtual keynote speaker!"

Theo Koury, President Vituity