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Anthony Trucks Foster Child, Former NFL Player, American Ninja Warrior, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker

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  • Identity Shift: Making Success Second Nature
  • Life Lessons from the Foster Care System

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  • 2014 Trust Your Hustle Pt.1: A Life Forged By Fire

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“Please tell my children who their father was” was the text message that 28 year old Anthony Trucks had written to send to his loved ones as he drove in search of rat poison one Saturday night.

Anthony Trucks had no idea who he was anymore as life had kicked him to the curb to the point where the emotional pain became physical pain was almost too much handle. Anthony just wanted it to stop. You have been there, right? (or maybe that’s where you are right now).

Anthony had been thrown many punches. He had lost his identity through so many life experiences and simply could not handle excessive amount of shifting around anymore. And that’s what it really is for all of us. Unexpected changes/transitions/shifts of our situation and identity in life that catch us off guard and stand to ruin everything. Stagnation and fear of change keep us stuck and slowly kills us inside because we lose ourselves and our happiness in the process.

Anthony started his life in foster care where he had 20 life shattering shifts. This shifts all started as early as three years old when Anthony and his three siblings entered into foster care. Anthony endured beatings, starvation, and forms of torture all before the age of six.

The atrocities turned into eight more years in foster care before Anthony was adopted into a poor all white family as the only black person, navigated his way through high school, sports, became a teen parent, married his high school sweetheart, found his biological father at 21, lost his first self-defining career to an injury, had twins at 25, went through a divorce, fully changed careers to a new venture, losing my adoptive mother and father, remarrying my ex-wife. So, a crazy "shift" goes on and on.

Hitting rock bottom, one is faced with a choice to die or make a change. Anthony found clarity eventually launching hope and eventually a burning passion in one's life to FEEL more of every single day.

Anthony founded Identity Shift. Identity Shift is accompany with one focus. To take back control of one's life by closing one's identity gap, reaching one's FULL potential, and Making "Shift" Happen. Through years of research, experimentation, self reflection, and sometimes by accident, Anthony learned how to master the shifts that life threw at him, which is the only way I was able to achieve the following:

  • College football scholarship
  • NFL athlete for Buccaneers, Redskins, and Steelers
  • American Ninja Warrior and first NFL athlete to hit a buzzer
  • Featured on 6 national TV brands
  • 7 Figure gym owner
  • 6 figure consultant
  • International keynote speaker
  • Best selling author
  • Global “shift” coach
  • HAPPILY remarried to my high school sweetheart
  • Father to 3 amazing kids (started as a teen father)

Now let’s talk about the shift that happens in your life. Shifts occur in our lives whether they’re forced upon us or we realize it’s time to make one to get to the next level. These shifts show up in so many ways and could look like changes in:

  • Our relationships because we need to leave one or we want a great one
  • Our health because we need to be healthier or we’re coasting
  • Our career because we want a better one or we’re not being challenged
  • Our businesses because it’s struggling or maybe even doing too well
  • Our lives as parents because our kids are growing up too fast
  • The world around us that leaves us stuck an struggling
  • Our identity as we try to fully love, respect, and understand the person in the mirror

If you’re still reading this, it's because you agree that shift happens in life and we need to address it. It's time to Make Shift Happen. Let Anthony open up a whole new world of possibility and opportunity for you and your audience by bring Identity Shift to your next event.

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