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Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson Featured Avant-Garde Ideas that Expand Minds and Inspire a Change of Heart

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  • 😮 Twin Transformation - Digital x Sustainability

    In a transformative keynote at Google, Anders Sörman-Nilsson shared insights on how merging digital transformation with sustainability can propel companies to leadership. Highlighting a case study from the luxury conglomerate Kering Group, he revealed their digital strategy for an Environmental Profit and Loss Statement led to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions well ahead of their seven-year target, achieving it in just three and a half years by digitizing their supply chain. This success story exemplifies the potent synergy of digital innovation and environmental responsibility in accelerating sustainability goals.

  • Unraveling the Future: A Glimpse Through the Lens of Ex Machina and AI

    At the CyberArk keynote, I explored the blurring lines between AI and human consciousness, using "Ex Machina" to illustrate AI's impact. The film's innovative SXSW launch via a Tinder bot demonstrated the Turing test's real-life application, challenging our perception of AI-human interactions. This raises critical ethical and societal questions about AI's integration into our lives, emphasizing the need for careful consideration of AI development and use. "Ex Machina" serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to guide AI's evolution to enhance rather than compromise our humanity.

  • Media Showreel

    Check out this video with Global Futurist, Anders Sörman-Nilsson in the news and sharing his Foresight's on Digitisation, AI and the Future of Jobs. Featured on The Morning Show, Sky Business News, The Daily Edition and ABC News.

  • Futurist x Traditionalist

    In this keynote at ConnectLatam for Westcon-Comstor in Rio de Janeiro, futurist & traditionalist Anders Sörman-Nilsson explains why physical and virtual, the analogue and the digital have to combine in the successful brands of tomorrow.