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Amy Blankson Co-founder GoodThink, Presidential Point of Light, Award-winning Author

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  • Limit Digital Distractions to Promote Productivity Thrive Global.

    Did you know that the average attention span of a human has officially dropped below that of a goldfish? Yes, the frequently mocked unintelligent goldfish has an attention span of a brief nine-seconds, while ours now averages at an even briefer, eight. Admittedly this is a shocking (and slightly depressing) statistic, but why does it matter in the grand scheme of things?

  • Start a Ripple of Kindness in Your Community

    When we see others giving back and being compassionate, we want to do the same.

  • Happy Tech...An Oxymoron?

    Technology is a tool, a means to an end–and we get to decide how that story ends. My goal through this blog is to inspire a new way of thinking about technology, one that gives us new language with which to think about how we fuse technology into our lives.

  • Back to the Future...of Happiness

    Recently, my husband and I decided to show our three daughters (ages 9, 6, and 3) the classic movie Back to the Future. Of course, my kids were immediately enthralled, but my youngest had a few key questions like, Mommy, what is the future? And what is the present? (pause) And what is plutonium?