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Liz Murray Featured Inspirational Speaker and Bestselling Author, Breaking Night

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  • VIRTUAL: GDA's Motivational Monday, "After the Show"

    Liz Murray continues her conversation with GDA regarding how Non-Profits can continue to thrive during the pandemic along with the importance of resiliency and community.

  • VIRTUAL: Liz Murray - Motivational Monday

    Liz Murray sat down with Gail Davis for GDA's Motivational Monday virtual presentation on 7/13/20. In this full inspirational conversation, she tells her story and addresses the themes of acceptance, resilience, gratitude, community and much more.

  • Liz Murray and The Nantucket Project

    Liz Murray grew up with survival being an utmost importance. This is a story of overcoming all the adversity. It was at The Nantucket Project a couple of years back. This talk was selected by the event organizers to play on the video monitors on the back of all the seats on Jetblue for the last two years, over the holiday season.

  • Liz Murray Story

    Liz went without the common things we take for granted. Everything was spiraling out-of-control. Young, vulnerable, and homeless, her mother was fifteen when her mother died. Learn about Liz's perspective.

  • The Author Project: MENTOR Presents: Liz Murray for 2019 Women's History Month

    Mentors can change and impact lives. Liz Murray, Executive Director of The Arthur Project, thanks her mentor Arthur who helped transform her into the individual she is today in this video.

  • Empowered Conversation vs Dis-empowered Conversation

    What is holding us back? That moment, when one wants to go back to sleep at the beginning of the day. Is it an empowering choice or disempowering choice? Allow the empowering choice to prevail.

  • TEDxYouth@SanDiego

    With an extraordinary story of triumph - going from homeless to Harvard - Liz Murray changes our perspective of hardship and despair by celebrating the opportunity and possibility of renewal that comes with every drawback in life. Her infectious attitude and fresh perspective on adversity are the highlights of this inspiring talk.

  • Liz Murray talks about going from homeless to Harvard

    Liz Murray talks about going from Homeless to Harvard and her new book, Breaking Night, that outlines that journey.