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Shawn Achor Featured New York Times Bestselling Author and Positive Psychology Expert

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  • Shawn Achor on happiness as a competitive advantage

    Happiness and positive psychology expert Shawn Achor talked about his research of (mostly unhappy) Harvard students. Achor's research indicates that only ten percent of our happiness is shaped by our external world; ninety percent is influenced by our internal perspective. In studying high-achieving Harvard students, Achor realized that one common mistake we make is thinking that achieving our goals (be it losing ten pounds or getting a promotion) will make us happier.

  • Shawn Achor Speaks at the 2017 PA Conference for Women

    Best-selling author and happiness researcher Shawn Achor addresses 12,000 attendees on October 3, 2017 at the annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia.

  • TEDxBloomington - Shawn Achor -

    "No human lands on all fours" - Shawn explains. Shawn Achor is the winner of over a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University, where he delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard. His research and lectures on happiness and human potential have received attention in The New York Times, Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, as well as on NPR and CNN Radio, and he travels around the United States and Europe giving talks on positive psychology to Fortune 500 corporations, schools, and non-profit organizations.

  • Shawn Achor at The UP Experience 2010

    What's the roadmap for happiness and the secret for being the best you can be? Shawn has illuminated thousands of Harvard University students, the corporate elite, heads of non-profits and think tank participants.