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Tom Hardin Featured Corporate Trainer on Behavioral Ethics, People Risk, Compliance, and Financial Crime

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I cannot thank you enough for joining us! Your presentation was by far the best received session of the conference, I have to congratulate you on a job well done! I am very honored to have had the chance to meet you, I truly appreciated your advice, I think you should be very proud for inspiring young professionals like me.

Ana-Luiza Olanescu, Conference Coordinator, informa

I wanted to again extend a thank you for your message yesterday at our annual compliance training. Your story really resonated with the team and was an extremely effective way to reinforce important themes that we have typically covered in traditional compliance training forums. We still have a 'buzz' about the event today!

Chief Compliance Officer, $13 Billion Asset Manager

It was an absolute pleasure having you at the firm last week. I think the presentation delivered the exact results we wanted – good conversation around conduct and culture and a new awareness of the risks involved when we're not focused on these things.

COO, Global Inter-dealer Broker

On behalf of the Harvard Association for Law and Business, thank you for taking the time to speak with students (and others) from across the Harvard community. Members of our Executive Board who were fortunate to attend agreed that it was a spectacular event, and we have received feedback from other attendees since highlighting what a unique lunch talk it was. First, we were all struck by your candor, humility, and heartfelt delivery. We frequently hear from attorneys or prosecutors focused on white collar crime, but we never hear the other side of the story. Your willingness to put yourself out there in hopes of providing others with an impactful warning is both courageous and much appreciated. Second, for a group of law students, your ability to connect your personal story to legal standards and procedures, and even underlying notions of intent, were incredibly impactful. I personally appreciated hearing your retroactive analysis of your mental state and rationalization; I think that is a crucial takeaway for anyone who previously thought something along the lines of, “that could never be me.” Lastly, your ability to deliver a heavy topic with some humor and levity was impressive and made for an hour that flew by. Thank you again and we will look forward to hosting you again in the future.

David Kafafian, Harvard Law School, Class of 2018

Tom was the highest rated speaker of 35+ sessions on the day at our client forum!

ENGAGE Client Forum | NICE Actimize Conference Director

The feedback that we received from Tom's presentation at RiskHedge USA was up there with the best I've seen. Naturally, with an audience made up of predominately hedge funds, having Tom listed on the programme proved to be quite controversial but I am so relieved that I confirmed him on the agenda as he exceeded expectations. From the moment he stepped on to the stage, the audience was hooked, myself included as he talked us through his fascinating story in refreshingly frank detail. He was happy to answer all of the audiences questions- of which there were many- a joy to work with and I would highly recommend him for any conference going forward.

Fiona Grayson, Conference Director, Risk Hedge USA

Thank you very much for speaking with the team. Your presentation was riveting and the most effective training I have observed. Your story has sparked a tremendous amount of good and important discussion and we cannot thank you enough for sharing your very experience and reflections with us.

General Counsel, $8 Billion Hedge Fund

Tom held the interest of 85 hardened members of the Securities Experts Roundtable with his true story nightmare of being ensnared in a FBI sting. Tom's presentation pulls you in to where a pin could be heard dropping in the room. We all realized that “but for the grace of God go I” was never more true. Hardin is not flashy; he is direct and raw and paints a picture no listener will ever forget. If you need your team to remember every day the potential impact of their decisions and actions, Tom is THE person to have present / coach / consult on matters of ethics and securities.

Rick Chess, Securities Experts Roundtable

A great presentation that helps us to understand why regulations and controls alone don't work. Culture, leadership and self awareness can help us manage our behaviour and act responsibly. Tom's story and presentation is insightful, profound in its importance and implications and can be applied to anyone in a business where there are rules to protect people and customers.

Steve Ellis, Vice President, TTEC

Tom is probably the most well received keynote I have ever booked. He stole the show at GAIM Ops Cayman - 515 attendees sitting upright, no phones in sight, hanging onto every word.

Tira Grey, Conference Director, GAIM Ops Cayman