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Tim Sanders Featured Top Innovation Expert ,Technology Pioneer and New York Times Best-Selling Author

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“I felt an energy shift with our group after Tim's talk. His message was spot on. We have started the conversation about the importance of culture.”

Carrie Hanna, Chief Strategy Officer, Gunster

“Hearing Tim Sanders speak is a game-changer for your business. He taught us about the value of building diverse teams and how important it is to build strong internal and external relationships long before these relationships are needed.”

Craig Galati, President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

"Tim Sanders is a great follow-on for clients who have booked me previously. Where I speak around innovation mindsets, Tim compliments this message with the idea of innovation through collaboration. Hes great on stage, great to work with and does an incredible amount of customization for each client. I highly recommend him!"

Josh Linkner - Global Keynote Speaker

“I was impressed with how quickly Tim understood our culture, strategy and challenges. He developed a speech that was both insightful and impactful.”

Larry English, President of Centric Consulting

"At the reception immediately following our event I saw firsthand the value Tim's message offers as I witnessed several team members from different departments collaborating on innovative ideas we could use to improve our business offerings to our clients…this was an afternoon that was well worthwhile and I would highly recommend it to others!”

Mike Santarone, CEO, Stellar

“Thanks for your teamwork and collaboration keynote at our annual meeting. Your talk contributed significantly to our most successful Commercial Leader Forum. Leaders are embracing your collaboration perspective, and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Morten Lindholst, Director, Vestas