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The Passing Zone Corporate Entertainers and Speakers on The Power of Partnership, Innovation, Collaboration & Execution

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  • Elevate with I.C.E.
  • Teamwork: The Power of Partnership
  • The Passing Zone on I.C.E.
  • Juggling Workshop

You've heard of keynote speakers, but keynote jugglers? The best speakers do a lot more than present a meaningful and informative message. They act as a springboard to launch your imagination, expand your perception and open new doors to possibility. Jon and Owen do that. And they do it in ways you have to see to believe. Juggling is the perfect metaphor to describe what people do in their workday and how they balance life's many demands. And these guys know about teamwork, learning from mistakes and reaching goals, and making people laugh. That's how they became finalists on "America's Got Talent."

This isn't just juggling. It's The Passing Zone. Let's face it - a corporate event is a distinct and deceptively challenging venue. The objectives of corporate programs are as specialized and innovative as the companies they are designed to promote. Most performers fall flat because they don't understand the nuance of corporate culture, convention objectives, team building, or the specialized field of corporate entertainment. You can't afford to risk your reputation on entertainers who don't comprehend your situation. That's why The Passing Zone is extraordinarily popular on the corporate circuit.

Whether live, virtual, or hybrid, put Jon and Owen's award-winning performance to work for you. They won't just juggle your company's products; they'll make your CEO part of the act. And they will customize their show, tailoring their act to drive home sales messages, corporate themes, and other information critical to your company's mission.

As honorees of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Jon and Owen demonstrate exceptional skills as highly motivational speakers. Add their artistry as jugglers, comedians, and entertainers and The Passing Zone can turn your next function into the most talked-about and effective event your group has ever experienced.

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