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Mike Abrashoff Former Commander, USS Benfold and Author, It's Your Ship

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“… we really enjoyed your insights and perspectives on leadership. The principles and priorities you honed while commanding the USS Benfold resonated among all of us. Your commitment to the frontline has tremendous application to our business and lives ... and I greatly appreciate your sharing the experiences and enthusiastic passion that work so well.”

-CEO, Aramark

“Your talk was inspiring to our sellers and your message clearly resonated with the group. The feedback from the meeting was overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t have done it without your involvement and enthusiasm.”

Chief Growth Officer, Aramark

“You set the tone for the meeting and hit a home run with our group! The feedback was extremely positive. I had my meeting today at 17:30 and it took us 1 minute to report a job very well done! Thank you very much for starting the program on such a great note and providing the momentum for another very successful conference! It made my job as director for this conference a pleasure over these two days!”

-Conference Director, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers

“Your message to the team was spot on! I received a lot of feedback from the team and universally they felt your message helped them think about leadership differently and help put them even more firmly in the Ownership Mentality. I thought you nailed it and helped 1) land the message of Own It 2) help them focus on their Leadership and 3) Help them think about managing through change. I am so glad that you were our speaker and I think it helped us at this critical point in time.”

Executive Vice President, Retail | Office Depot, Inc.

“We received great feedback on your presentation from the attendees at our convention - both franchisees and members of our Board of Directors. Several franchisees told me afterwards that they found your talk authentic and down to earth - which fit nicely with our broader message. Many also told me they related to your story because they have been handed a bad situation at some point in their careers and had to overcome it. You clearly connected with them! Thanks for making our convention a success.”

-Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, Choice Hotels

“Mike was everything we had hoped for when we booked him. He had instant credibility with our attendees due to his background and accomplishments. He did a great job of relating how the leadership skills he honed in the Navy translate to leadership in the business world. He does it all through a very laid-back style of speaking that is authoritative without being didactic.”

-President, Pet Industry Distributors Association

“Mike was super! He was a great storyteller, funny, and tied the message to our business throughout. It was so relevant to exactly what our org needs right now--leadership at the GM level-- and I have received nothing but rave reviews. In fact, several of our vendor suppliers and audience members from other companies have asked me for info about Mike to possibly speak for their organizations. It was awesome!”

SVP Marketing/Creative Director, Houlihans