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Marilyn Sherman Peak Performance & Front Row Experience Expert; Author

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  • Keynote Speaker Marilyn Sherman Demo Video 2023

    Inspiring motivational keynote speaker Marilyn Sherman shows how she provides amazing content for her audiences to let go of limiting beliefs and achieve greater results. In this short demo video, you can see her style and engagement is perfect if you are looking for a high-energy opening or closing keynote presenter for your next event.

  • 2022 Demo Reel

    Hall of fame business keynote speaker Marilyn Sherman is available to deliver a message of hope and encouragement to engage your audience in order to increase results.

  • Marilyn Sherman: Hall of Fame Business Keynote Speaker Demo Video

    Marilyn Sherman demonstrates why she's an in-demand, hall of fame, keynote speaker. This sizzle reel shows her energy and engagement while delivering content on peak performance, motivation, and inspiration! It's time to get out of the balcony and have Front-Row Success with simple yet powerful strategies on goal-setting, visioning, and overcoming obstacles.

  • New Virtual Demo video

    Hall of Fame business speaker shows how audiences need inspiration and motivation more than ever and how she can deliver her programs virtually.