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Edgar Perez Technology and Business Author and Strategy Consultant: AI, Web3, Metaverse and Quantum

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  • Tech visionary says gaming offers lessons for attracting active users in the metaverse

    Edgar Perez is a business and technology visionary, speaker and author who helps executives better position their organizations for success through an approach that links disruptive technologies with business strategy. He says game makers have been able to attract large, active users and business leaders would be wise to monitor the sector to explore current trends, such as user-generated content becoming a bigger part of the overall immersive experience.

  • El Metaverso Puede Mejorar la Productividad

    Según Edgar Pérez, no todas las empresas locales están preparadas para el nuevo mundo del Metaverso.

  • How tech has helped China in its public health battle with coronavirus

    China is enlisting tech to not only combat the coronavirus but guarantee the continuation of normal daily life amid the lockdown of multiple cities

  • Robots con IA: la alternativa de China para el cuidado de sus adultos mayores

    La población de China envejece rápidamente, por lo que el gigante asiático se enfrenta a una escasez preocupante de trabajadores sociosanitarios. Ante este déficit en los centros de atención para adultos mayores, las autoridades esperan que un ejército de robots dotados de inteligencia artificial [IA], pueda ayudar a resolver el problema.

  • We will adapt to incorrect AI-generated content: expert at WAIC

    While AIGC has the potential to revolutionize the way we consume and create content, it also raises some important concerns. One of the biggest concerns is that AIGC could be incorrect and misleading. However, futurist Edgar Perez believes that humans will eventually learn to live with AIGC and adapt to the fact that machines are still capable of producing incorrect content.

  • How AI can transform the world: challenges and opportunities for humanity

    Artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a preeminent technology of the modern era, poised to transform the world and indelibly impact the very fabric of our existence. Its far-reaching tentacles stretch across myriad sectors, promising transformation on a scale hitherto unimaginable. Healthcare, education, business, and entertainment, certainly no domain remains immune to AI's disruptive influence.

  • Regulate High-Frequency Trading in Real Time

    Wrongdoing existed long before the advent of high-frequency trading, and it will always be a part of markets. High-frequency trading is simply a tool; it can be positive or negative for investors and markets. To maximize the benefit and minimize the downsides, regulators need to catch up with the technology.

  • The days of 8% GDP growth for China are closer than expected

    A few years ago, Marc Andreessen, the legendary founder of Netscape, was asked to describe how his venture capital firm's referral network worked. He pointed out that it wasn't unusual to receive around two thousand referral a year for startups to invest into, a large percentage of which were coming through seed investors or angels. "So by far the best way to get the introductions to the A stage venture firms is to work through the seed investors," he concluded.