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Dima Ghawi Developing Leaders To Meet The Demands Of the Global Workforce And Helping Organizations Engage Diverse Teams

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  • Diversity and Inclusion: Worth More Than Gold
  • Elevate Employee Engagement
  • Elevate Your Confidence
  • How to Future-Proof Your Company: Engaging Generation Y to Z
  • Launch Your Professional Brand
  • Leadership Starts From Within
  • Shattering Limitations in Leadership

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  • 2018 Breaking Vases: Shattering Limitations & Daring to Thrive: A Middle Eastern Woman's Story

Dima Ghawi's story is one of escaping confinements, shattering barriers, crossing continents, and daring to create a bold identity and transformational life purpose.

Growing up in a conservative small community in Amman, Jordan. Dima was taught, at an early age, to be a follower: quiet and subservient. Fiercely constrained by the Middle Eastern culture, community, and family expectations, Dima felt trapped in a mold and absent of self-expression and identity. Dima’s path was predetermined, her worth was decided by the judgment of others, and all that truly mattered was preserving the honor of her family’s reputation in her every action.

It took Dima years before she to dared to realize that she might have a choice - that she might have a greater value than what she was taught. She knew changing her circumstances would be extremely dangerous and would require courage she had never known before. Nevertheless, Dima was determined to transform her world, embrace the unknown, and discover her true identity, even if she had to stand alone and face the painful, life-threatening consequences of her decision. Finally, the day of metamorphic transformation came.

A new journey began for Dima. She now draws from two decades of global corporate experience and the harrowing trials of her personal journey to establish her unique and empowering consulting company. She speaks to the future leaders, the rebels, and the visionaries who are ready to shatter limitations, expand their potential, and belong to a global community for change.

With experience leading global teams, managing strategic client relationships, and developing future leaders for companies like IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America, Dima combines her corporate expertise with her own personal narratives to captivate and motivate her audiences. Reaching into the depths of people’s minds, hearts, and unkindled aspirations, Dima shares a vision of hope, courage, and wild possibilities.

Through keynote speeches, leadership workshops, executive coaching and the development of a global online community, Dima continues to share her unique leadership journey with one goal in mind: to motivate and activate those around her to dare to grow into leadership roles and reimagine their potential.

Dima believes the foundation of empowerment is knowledge, and her impactful keynote addresses empower audiences to become effective leaders and agents of change.

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