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Connie Podesta Team-Building and Life Balance Expert

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  • Why We Manage Employees the Way We Do

    Award winning motivational leadership keynote speaker and author Connie Podesta shares the real reasons we manage employees the way we do and how to become a better leader, manager, and more profitable business. If you want to find out more about being the kind of leader others want to follow -- follow Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta!

  • How to Leverage CHANGE in Today's World

    Life as you knew it is transforming before your very eyes. To survive and thrive requires the ability and willingness to adapt to CHANGE at the click of a mouse. You can no longer keep doing what you've always done and expect STANDOUT results! The good news? Successfully dealing with change is in your DNA! The bad news? So is the temptation to resist anything that's uncomfortable, stressful or requires extra WORK. To go from safe and predictable to amazing and adventurous, you've got to view change as an Opportunity for Continuous Growth.