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Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP Goals & Grit ™ Expert

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Caroline broke down the timeless need to set goals into actionable steps and our webinar participants loved it. She is a truly polished speaker, who makes her craft seem effortless because she engages listeners so easily. I walked away from her presentation ready to take on the new year and motivated to set and achieve goals!

Abby Frackenpohl, Happify

Caroline was a powerhouse at our 2016 leadership conference. She challenged us to put the ‘awe’ back into awesome and how to use grit to accomplish our hard goals. Her message of ‘you can’t keep what you don’t give away’ inspired bold sharing and deep conversation from the audience and has continued to resonate throughout the organization beyond conference

Ali Fillmore, Development Manager, lululemon athletica

Thank you SO much for that amazing presentation!! It blew our expectations out of the water!! The team's emails, Slack messages and phones have been blowing up from the moment you started speaking. The Blizzard community is feeling incredibly energized, motivated and gained a new perspective within that short time period. I can not wait to see your teachings and methods come into play each day here on campus.

Courtney Parker, Sr. Project Mgr., Blizzard Entertainment

Caroline’s cutting-edge insights on Grit and Goal Setting are awesome, and so needed in the business world now!

Deb Giffen, Director, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Caroline's cutting-edge insights on Grit and Goal Setting are awesome, and so needed in the business world now!

Deb Giffen, Director of Executive Programs at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

"I do not know anyone who has thought more than Caroline Miller about how to apply the scientific research on grit and achievement to our own lives!"


Caroline Adams Miller delivered a complete Grand Slam at our healthcare company's corporate conference. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who adds value, integrates academic research into practical applications, and moves people to action and change, you can't do any better than enlisting Caroline and her topic on Goal Setting and Authentic Grit.

Dr. Larry Benz President/CEO Confluent Health

Caroline's speech was elegant yet powerful, interesting and inspiring; the presentation certainly raised our attention to be more proactive toward life and inspire others to change!

Elaine Chen, CTBC Holdings, Taiwan

Caroline is the perfect combination of research knowledge and a practical approach to positive psychology. All the class was thrilled!!!!

Enrique Tames, Head of the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness, Universidad Tecmilenio

“Caroline's message and evidence-based tools provided our membership the support it needs during an extremely difficult time. We loved having her present through Zoom webinar – it was an excellent delivery tool to disseminate her message in an efficient manner."

Gregory K McDonough, Blackburn Capital and President EO , DC

“Caroline Miller is an inspiration! Her engaging and powerful presentation resonated with our audience of scientists by incorporating data and research on grit into her stories and observations. She taught us not only why grit is so critical, but how to cultivate perseverance and passion to achieve our goals.”

Jennifer Kmiec, Founder, Inspiring Women in STEM Conference

Caroline Miller was an exceptional addition to our LEAD2017 conference and I'm so truly thankful to have been able to share her charismatic and inspirational keynote with our audience. She seamlessly engaged with everyone and left us all feeling inspired and more empowered to be better leaders in both our professional and personal lives. Thank you Caroline, for teaching us about Grit and showing us that we can all inspire change.

LEAD 2017,

Caroline Miller has been Vector’s Executive Coach for several months now, which has completely altered the dynamic of our entire office. Because of that success, we contracted with her to address our senior management team on the topics of positive phycology and “grit”. In my 40 years in business, I have never left a presentation with the enthusiasm for both business and life as I did yesterday. She spoke to us for two hours and without exception, every one of my managers wished she could have stayed longer. All I can say is “motivating, incredible and informative”

Marc S. Berman, President & CEO of Vector Technical

Caroline opened our conference with a talk about achieving happiness that was grounded in new research and, as a result, was thought-provoking as well as inspirational. Our audience of executive women continued to talk about Caroline's ideas for the rest of the conference. She really knocked it out of the park for us.

Marion Asnes, Envestnet

Caroline's engaging and thought-provoking presentation left our team primed to set hard short and long-term goals, push themselves to learn more and get the absolute most out of our whole person wellness and self- leadership programs. Our team felt empowered, invigorated, inspired to embrace grit and Caroline's talk provided numerous light bulb moments I will remember forever. We are so grateful to have been able to share her knowledge and passion with our team.

Merika Brown, Culture & Engagement Manager, Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd

"Caroline, you delivered what we asked for and more! We've had terrific feedback that you were easy to relate to, your stories were relevant, and the research gave your talk credibility for a high-powered audience. Everyone agreed they got rejuvenated, reignited and recommitted to setting and accomplishing meaningful goals."

Morgan Stanley

Quit or Grit? Caroline’s presentation to the membership of the Human Resources Leadership Forum of Washington, DC provided a unique and thought-provoking point of view about the relationship between goal-setting, achievement and behavioral change. Caroline’s ability to provide topical research and evidence, as well as relevant, real-world examples to her audience, is compelling. I encourage all leaders to follow her and take her Authentic Grit Challenge.

Shant Markarian, Managing Director, Lee Hecht Harrison