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Angela M. Sánchez Formerly Homeless, Writer, Cartoonist, Magician, Education Advocate, First Generation Latino College Graduate

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  • Poverty to Professional
  • Hidden Curriculum: The Difficult Process of Trying to Fit at a Place that Does Not Match One's Background
  • The Subject of Gentrification. Does it Fuel the Crisis of Homelessness?
  • Not "A Career vs. B Career" But Red Career and Blue Career
  • Nimble Philanthropy: How to Get Over Convention to be Truly Innovative and Impactful
  • The Power of Narratives: How Story-Telling Saved Me and My Dad While We Were Homeless
  • Homelessness, Higher Education, and How I Mastered the Hidden Curriculum
  • Seeing the Invisible: What Being a Magician Taught Me about Social Change

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  • 2017 Scruffy and the Egg

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Angela M. Sánchez (she/they) is a writer, equity advocate, and nonprofit consultant. Formerly one of the thousands of homeless students living in Los Angeles, Angela now serves on the Board of Directors for School on Wheels, Inc., a Los Angeles–based nonprofit that provides academic support to K-12 students experiencing homelessness. In 2018, the Los Angeles Times featured her children’s book, Scruffy and the Egg, which tackles topics of single-parenthood and homelessness. Angela provides readings to family shelters, schools, libraries, and other organizations. An alumna of the Riordan Leadership Institute, Angela has provided training on understanding social identities and implicit bias for organizations, such as the Karsh Center, the Childcare Resource Center, and the Southern California Leadership Network among others.

Angela has a master’s in education with a focus on student affairs and a bachelor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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