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Alison McCauley Featured Artificial Intelligence Top Voice, Best-Selling Author, AI Executive Advisor

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  • Being Human at the AI Crossroads
  • AI & Us: Strategies for Families in an AI-driven World
  • AI and the Future of Society: Ethical Dilemmas & Transformative Promises
  • Reimagining Your Business with AI: From Hype to Strategy
  • Step into Tomorrow: It's More Than AI, It's the Next Digital Divide
  • Navigating the Tech Tsunami: A Practical Guide to Thriving Amidst Rapid Change

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  • 2019 Unblocked

Alison focuses on helping humans to harness the potential of AI. She is the founder and CEO of Unblocked Future, a consultancy that drives adoption at the forefront of emerging tech, and has been working with pioneers in artificial intelligence since 2010. Working at the nexus of the enterprise and disruptive innovation at the birth of new technology markets over nearly 30 years, Alison's expertise lies in unlocking business value from disruptive technologies by focusing on the human dimensions of change. She guides executives and business leaders through tech-driven change, inspiring them to navigate and embrace the vast potential of AI.

Alison's mission is to help humanity leverage the boundless opportunities presented by artificial intelligence while ensuring its ethical and responsible development. She has been recognized as a Top Voice in artificial intelligence, is the author of Unblocked (published by O’Reilly Media, 2019), a keynote speaker at conferences around the world, her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Venture Beat, and over 90,000 students have taken the course she created for LinkedIn. She has also spoken on the social and ethical implications of emerging technology at Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival, Columbia University’s Global Freedom of Expression, McCourt Institute’s Future of Digital Governance, and the Social Impact Summit at SXSW.

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