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Foreign Policy and Geopolitics keynote speakers understand global shifts in power in our rapidly changing international climate. They have their pulse on the global economy, cultures, geographic hotbeds, and influences. GDA has the most compelling list of foreign policy and geopolitical keynote speakers for your next conference.

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General Anthony Zinni Featured

United States Marine Corps (Retired)

Gen. Zinni’s 39 years of military service took him to more than 70 countries. His operational experiences included two tours in Vietnam, where he was severely wounded. His last assignment was Commanding General, U. S. Central Command.

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Michael (Misha) Auslin

Best-Selling Author on Geopolitics, Wall Street Journal Contributor and Frequent Fox News Commentator

Michael Auslin is a Distinguished Research Fellow in Contemporary Asia at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. A historian by training, he specializes in U.S. policy in Asia and geopolitical issues in the Indo-Pacific region. 

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Harry Broadman

Navigating Global Markets to Capitalize on Growth Opportunities and Fend Off Risks

Dr. Broadman has been at the forefront of global business and policy decisions over the past three decades. He shares a compelling perspective on opportunities and risks shaping our economic future. Harry has a deep understanding of the global marketplace and its complex spectrum of business, policy and consumer environments. 

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John Sitilides

Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Strategist - Expert in Global Affairs and American Politics

John is a geopolitical strategist and diplomacy coordinator to the Department of State, sharing his insights into U.S. and global geopolitical trends, intelligence and strategies before high-stakes decision makers and opinion leaders at investor, business and government conferences, forums and events.

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