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Karen McCullough Keynote, Author, Branding Expert, Millennial and Gen Z Evangelist

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Karen was an amazing speaker and was very engaging. Her speaking style relates to every person in the audience, whether they are younger or older, female or male. She is not just funny, but she is informative, knowledgeable, and inspiring. When speaking, she captures the room and not only gets people excited to hear about what she needs to say, but encourages people to continue the conversation. We have had Karen as a guest speaker multiple times, and look forward to asking her to come back again soon! Thank you, Christine

Christine P No - KPMG Los Angeles

"From the start, our initial call six months prior to our event, Karen was phenomenal…easy to work with, friendly, open-minded and professional. Booking her and setting up the program as our keynote speaker was 'low-maintenance'; which I truly appreciated since I was dealing with 30 other outside speakers. And she delivered…she opened it and WOWED our audience and provided a buzz that carried on throughout our 3-day event. A VP in our organization, with 25 years of experience here, labeled her 'easily one of the top 3 keynote speakers we have ever have.' Well done, Karen! I would hire her again in a heartbeat." 5/4/17


"Karen is smart and laugh out loud funny! She knows branding! Saying she was a pleasure to work with is an understatement. She took the time to get to know the Iowa Department of Transportation and crafted her message to reinforce the goals we had for our leadership conference. The conference theme was Momentum, so we worked with Karen to tailor her Beyond the Brand presentation to compliment the theme of the conference. Karen took that concept one step further and helped the group think beyond the company brand and understand their own "personal brand" and the effect it has on the work we do and the people we serve. Her 90 minute keynote had the audience engaged the entire time through humor and interacting with one another. What a refreshing way to end the conference."

Lori Pflughaupt - Iowa Department of Transportation

It was truly a pleasure to work with Karen as a general session keynote speaker for our conference. The time that she took getting to know our organization in advance and customizing her presentation was evidenced by the tremendous engagement in the room with our attendees. The audience response was immediate. Even our most hesitant stakeholders made a point of sharing their elation with me after the session. Most importantly, everyone in the session left the room with tangible takeaways. Thank you, Karen, for helping us to take our general session from credible, to INCREDIBLE!

Sam Bhandarkar, CMP, CASE, Director events, American Culinary Federation