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Dr. Will Miller Comedian and Authority on Stress Reduction and Life Balance

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  • Mental Health Anxiety: A Hope Filled Approach
  • Community Wellbeing: Stress Solutions for Your First Responders
  • Miserable@Work! A Unique Take on the Workplace Culture!
  • The Shifting Standards of Ethics
  • Dr. Will Miller: The Comedy Mental Health Tour
  • Refrigerator Rights for Corporate America

Select Book Titles

  • 2017 Miserable@Work! Stop Blaming the Job and Fix What's Really Broken
  • 2015 Refrigerator Rights: Creating Connections and Restoring Relationships Revised
  • 2014 Dr. Will's Guide To How To Be (Like) A Therapist: (Even If You Are Not A Therapist)
  • 2014 Graduation Jolt: How to Survive and Thrive after College Graduation (co-authored with Dr. Glenn Sparks) (2014).
  • 1996 Why We Watch: Killing the Gilligan Within

Dr. Will Miller's unique background as an outstanding speaker, television personality, psychotherapist, university professor, former headline standup comedian and best-selling author of Refrigerator Rights, along with his five graduate degrees, make him a recognized authority on modern life and culture. His presentation, whether a keynote to a large audience or as a workshop leader, combines all of these experiences. He has delivered thousands of speeches to the nation's largest corporations and organizations about living a well-adjusted life in a time of enormous pressure and stress. His message is unique in its approach that coping and change happen by investing in our social support relationships and altering our external circumstance as much, if not more than our internal condition.

A popular presenter in the corporate world, Dr. Will Miller frequently speaks for America’s leading companies including Microsoft, Eli Lilly, IBM, AT&T, Citi Group, Prudential, and Merrill Lynch. He is an adjunct graduate professor of Communication Ethics as well as Social Media at Purdue University and a regular contributor as the official psychotherapist for the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom radio show. He actively serves law enforcement as Police Chaplain ad stress consultant. Dr. Will also podcasts weekly on the subjects of wellbeing and social connectivity.

Dr. Will’s latest book Miserable@Work: Stop Blaming the Job & Fix What's Really Broken is a fresh take on workplace culture and worker satisfaction. Based on his years as a consultant for police officers, teachers and corporate professionals he presents a holistic approach to life balance by understanding and redefining our central life interest. His 17-year background in stand-up comedy and as a television and radio personality, assures his gifted ability to entertain.

Whether on stage or via live webinar, if you are looking for someone who will energetically and humorously guide your organization through change, Dr. Will Miller is the speaker who will give your audience something to truly take away.

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